Background Video Recorder Pro APK 10.1.3 Premium

Background Video Recorder Pro APK 10.1.3 Premium

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  • Developer : Arbel Solutions
  • Version : 10.1.3
  • Android Version : Varies with device
Background Video Recorder Pro APK 10.1.3 Premium

The Best Background Video Recording App – Background Video Recorder Pro APK

Background Video Recorder Pro APK is one of the most popular and versatile video recording apps on Android. It lets you easily capture gameplay videos, screen recordings, and live recordings. This app offers a variety of premium features for professional-level background video recording without any watermark or limitation. In this article, we will take a detailed look at everything this app has to offer in its premium modded version and why it is considered the best option for background video recording on Android devices.

Do you often encounter fleeting moments that you wish you could capture and replay? Whether you’re catching funny glitches in mobile games, recording unexpected live sports highlights, or saving important tutorial videos, being able to easily record your screen on the fly can be incredibly useful. However, many default recording options are inconvenient or come with annoying limitations.


Enter Background Video Recorder Pro Mod APK – the most advanced screen recording tool for Android that takes screen capturing to a whole new level. Not only does it allow foreground recording as with other apps, but its “magical” ability to smoothly record in the background while you multitask sets it far above the competition. With the premium mod unlocked, you gain unlimited full-featured access for all your recording needs.

Record Anything, Anytime with Background Function

Its seamless background recording capability makes Background Video Recorder Pro stand out. While using other apps or switching between home screens, it runs silently in the notification shade, capturing everything without obtrusively overlaying it on your screen. No need to actively open the recorder – it automatically starts on app launch and records continuously until stopped.

This revolutionary feature means you’ll never miss fleeting moments again. Capture live game highlights or tutorial clips without interrupting your gameplay. Record unexpected glitches or funny video clips even when the app is in the background. Save important call recordings, voice messages, or other audio while multitasking on your device.

Premium Mod Unlocks Unlimited Power

As great as Background Video Recorder Pro already is, the modded version takes things to a whole new level. With the premium hack, you gain unrestricted full access to all modded pro features without any in-app purchases or subscriptions required ever again.

Premium Screen Recording Features of Background Video Recorder Pro APK

Background Video Recorder Pro APK takes screen recording and gameplay capturing to a whole new level with its unlocked premium mod features. Some of the key premium screen recording features include:

Expanded Recording Options

The modded version removes all limitations on recording time and resolution. You can record your screen at Full HD 1080p resolution for as long as you want without any cutoff. It also supports a variety of resolution and frame rate options for optimized recording.

Smart Screen Cropping

With smart screen cropping enabled, the app intelligently removes blank edges and black bars from your recordings to optimize the output videos. This ensures your recordings use minimal storage space without compromising on quality.

Background Recording

One of the app’s highlight features is its ability to run recordings in the background even when the app is closed, or the phone screen is locked. Thus, you can continue capturing gameplay, calls, and any other activity privately in the background.

Scheduled Recording Timer

Plan recordings ahead of time using the built-in scheduled recording feature. Set start and end times for automatic timed recordings without needing your phone at all times. Great for time-lapse recordings and content creation.

Advanced Filter and Effects

The unlocked version provides advanced filters, such as scene detection, object detection, and live drawing/scribbling filters, to enhance your recordings. Plus, you get stylish effects like blur, zoom, and more.

Quick Tools for Editing

Inbuilt trimming, cropping, and merging tools allow you to edit clips easily on the go without any other video editor. Save precious time with these intuitive in-app editing options.

Premium Features of Background Video Recorder Pro APK

In addition to advanced screen recording abilities, the premium modded version of Background Video Recorder Pro APK also offers some industry-exclusive modes and functionalities.

Face Tracking and Detection

With real-time face tracking enabled, the recording camera intelligently follows and focuses on the detected face in the frame. Great for vlogs, tutorials and social media uploads.

Live Call Recording

Easily record calls hands-free without anyone knowing. The in-app calling recording works for both incoming and outgoing calls on the speaker. Perfect for documenting important conversations.

Split Screen Simultaneous Recording

Open two floating capture windows at once to record different parts of the screen simultaneously. This is ideal for capturing side-by-side gameplay, tutorials, and more.

Stealth Mode Recording

Hide the recording UI and notifications for discreet capturing of private screen activities without being noticed. Record foreign apps securely.

Speed Control

You can speed up or slow down recordings on the fly. This makes it great for creating time-lapse videos, slow-mo clips, and meme-worthy content very easily.

Unobstructed access to all these premium modes and features without any watermark or limitation is only possible through the modded version of Background Video Recorder Pro APK.

Superior Audio Capture Abilities

Background Video Recorder Pro APK goes above and beyond when it comes to audio recording. Some of the highlights include:

  • Studio-quality HD audio capturing at up to 192kbps bitrate
  • Real-time audio editing – trim unwanted portions, add music tracks, etc
  • Adjust mic volume, mute/unmute mic as needed during recordings
  • Record system and game audio separately or together
  • 10+ preset audio effects like echo, bass boost, etc
  • Built-in audio beautifier for cleaning up recordings

The unlocked audio modes ensure your gameplay or tutorial videos have impeccable, broadcast-worthy sound quality. No compromise on any front with this best recording app for Android.

Intuitive Controls for Effortless Recordings

Creating high-quality recordings is made seamlessly simple with the well-designed control scheme:

  • Single-tap controls for start/stop recording
  • Multi-touch recording area selection
  • Floating capture buttons that don’t block the screen
  • Customizable quick settings panel
  • Adjustable capture cursor size and opacity
  • Split screen controls for simultaneous windows
  • Draw on screen, add annotations and scribbles
  • Easy sharing via built-in sharing window

The buttery smooth interface permits fully concentrated recordings without any learning curve. It is beginner-friendly yet powerful for all types of users.

Seamless Mod Installation Process

Installing the unlocked modded version of Background Video Recorder Pro APK is straightforward and hassle-free. Key advantages include:

  • Direct download link for the modded APK
  • Install through patch installer without app replacement
  • Updated mod compatibility for the latest Android versions
  • Works on non-rooted phones without any issues
  • Automatic updates to new mod versions are available
  • Back up and restore purchases across devices
  • DRM-free access to premium features forever

The completely risk-free installation allows you to experience the full potential of this all-in-one screen recorder app on your device.

In summary, Background Video Recorder Pro APK lives up to its title of being the best background video recording app for Android. Unrestricted access to studio-grade screen recording, extensive editing tools, advanced audio modes, and many more exclusive features through its modded version make it worth every penny. There are no ads, watermarks, or limitations—just pro-level quality and power at your fingertips.

Suppose you are looking for a reliable way to capture gameplay videos, screen recordings, tutorials, vlogs, or any on-screen activity. In that case, the Background Video Recorder Pro APK hacked version is certainly the ideal choice. Go ahead and install this impressive app now to experience seamless multi-platform video creation in true professional fashion!

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